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YUMBAR is exactly how it's named.
YUM for the great eats. BAR for the great drinks.

This restaurant & bar is the latest hospitality endeavor for owner Mark Howard. For 20 years, Mark has been an owner of a variety of restaurant & bars across the Valley including FEZ Restaurant & Bar (which he sold in Dec 2023), Bliss ReBAR, Metropolis and Bar on Central.

YUMBAR came about as part of a larger vision to create a community of like-minded, synergistic and complementary businesses in one collective space in the middle of one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in Phoenix - The Melrose District!


Mark and his partner Rocco Menaguale created and developed The Royale - taking four old auto body shops and redeveloping the property into a next level collective of businesses that serve the immediate Central Phoenix area as well as a destination for visitors near and far. A great space to hold events, gather for eats, drinks, and conversation as well as access products and services from coffee, ice cream, flowers, unique gifts to salon and medspa services, photography and interior design & architectural services.


YUMBAR is a full service restaurant & bar offering weekday happy hour & dinner service as well as ALL DAY every weekend a full menu plus weekend brunch from 10a-3pm. 

But YUMBAR is also the perfect event venue for a variety of small to large private and public events with spaces inside and out. The main dining room is available weekdays for private events for business and organization lunches, presentations and celebrations. The Flamingo Room is a covered patio that can be entirely enclosed and climatized for private events complete with full AV and service capabilities.  And of course the large Event area (known as the Commons) is available for use for a variety of events (eventually with the ability to section off the area for a semi-private gathering.)

Many public events are also in the works to include movie nights, holiday markets and celebrations, exercise offerings and much more.



It has always been a value of owners Mark Howard and Rocco Menaguale to be an integral part of community. Not just providing products and services that enhance the residents and businesses in the area but also actively working with and on behalf of the community to enhance the safety, the enjoyment and the value of living and working in the Melrose District.

Additionally, we have provided significant donated products and services (as well as event and gathering space) to local non-profit organizations. Helping others to help others is how community thrives. 

Community also means providing a safe, inclusive and celebrated space for ALL. Period. At YUMBAR and The Royale everyone is welcome as long as they display the same support, and celebration for our incredibly diverse communities.

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